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What is the  Animal-Human Connection?

Did you know your animal is a doorway into understanding and knowing more about yourself? Animals are divine messengers of unconditional love and some of our biggest teachers. Through the animal-human connection, animals communicate messages through their behaviors and emotions for humanity’s highest level of healing and transformation. My passion is to expand and evolve the animal-human connection, transforming both animals and humans into a deeper, happier and more connected relationship with all of life.

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Dr. Bernadette is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge. Through her authentic and compassionate style, Dr. Bernadette is able to communicate with the hearts of both humans and animals, creating a deep space of transformation and healing.

Dr. Bernadette is highly sought after for her gift of working with both animals and humans. Her passion, insights and the way she views the world is life changing for animals and humans worldwide.



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Intuitive Healing Phone Sessions for You and Your Animal

Dr. Bernadette works with both animals and humans. She offers private intuitive sessions vie phone worldwide, facilitating healing through the animal-human connection and helping humans find deeper spiritual transformation.

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Dr. Bernadette offers holistic vet services in Bend and Central Oregon that include acupuncture, chiropractic care, essential oils, behavioral/emotional concerns and intuitive energetic healing. Her clients come from all over to experience her presence, love and care for each individual animal and owner.

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