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Animal Communication in My Holistic Veterinary Practice

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TMP40To some, it is amazing that animals can communicate with us; while to others, it is a completely normal and everyday occurrence.  For my holistic veterinary practice and myself, it is an everyday occurrence and I find it can really help facilitate transformation.  Most animals are very open to communicating, and often times, have some very important messages to pass along to their owners or people around them.  They carry so much wisdom and truth, all brought forth in complete unconditional love.


By honoring an animal’s choice to communicate how they are comfortable, it creates a safe and trusting space for them to transform whatever needs to be in that moment.  I have successfully worked with many owners and their animals to deepen their relationship and bond.  The transformations always happen at the perfect time!  Just the other day I worked with a woman and her dog; both truly amazing beings.  By being able to communicate with her dog, I was able to facilitate a major transformation in her dog’s health, attitude, life and connection with her owner.  It was amazing the immediate change in both her and her owner, and how happy both were.


Anything is possible when the owner and animal are open, willing and ready for transformation.  So if you are wondering what your animal may be thinking, wanting to say, or to transform and deepen your Animal-Human Connection give me a call (816-273-2163).  I look forward to working in partnership with you and your animal to transform and evolve the Animal-Human Connection!!!  Big Heart Hugs, Dr. Bernadette

Heart Weaving the Animal-Human Bond

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The bond between animals and humans is almost beyond words when you experience it.  This morning I was blessed to be part of the animal-human bond experience.  Not only did I experience the bond but I also observed it happening between an owner, dog trainer, veterinarian and the owners dog.  It was a miracle in motion!  Even before I opened my essential oil kit, I could see and feel the openness and acceptance of the dog for the essential oils.  Not only did she participate in helping me select oils, she accepted them with gratitude and joy.  It was so awesome!  Many times I would burst out in laughter because it was just that amazing!  But do you know what the best part was?!  During the course of her essential oil treatment, her behaviors started to shift to where she would come and greet each one of us, choose to be near us and let each of us pet her multiple times; which before,was almost unheard of.  My heart just swells with the experience.  The gift of the animal-human bond is something that we are blessed with and can experience over and over, in every precious moment with them.  They are truly Masters in disguise!

When You Show Up…

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Today was an amazing day…I showed up!  I went out and started introducing myself to local horse barns in the area.  I am reaching out to meet local veterinarians and dog owners as well.  As I am stepping out into the World, I have realized the importance of showing up.  When one shows up the Universe now has permission to deliver amazing things, beyond ones imagination, in so many wonderful ways.  So guess what?!  Now I get to receive those wonderful surprises…just as if everyday is my birthday!  So are you ready to go out and celebrate the everyday miracles that come your way?  And allow yourself to be open to receive more?  I know I AM!!!

Do Animals Talk?

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Frank-4-of-3-240x300I often get asked if animals talk and my answer always is – Yes, they do!  Animals have so much to say and teach us.  They can serve as companions, guardians, teachers and helpers; just to name a few.  They are always communicating with us through behaviors, body language and tone; but even beyond that you can hear them speak.  Animals really do talk.

Sometimes if we can’t hear them, an animal will use behaviors! Body language or tone to get our attention and communicate.  The key to communicating with your animal is having an open heart.  Open your heart and see what you begin to hear, my friend!  It is amazing!


Connecting to Your Heart

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So many of us are running around disconnected from our hearts. It’s time to reconnect and allow your heart to open to greater depths of love. When the heart is aligned with the mind and the body, anything and everything is possible. You are truly in alignment. Imagine a life of unlimited possibilities, a life of greater happiness, peace, joy and full of miracles. All you have to do is look into your heart; listen to its whisperings and guidance. Your heart holds your inner wisdom and knowledge. It is only a breath away, my friend. Just breathe into your heart and listen!