Dr. Bernadette Hartman views animals as sacred gifts to humanity, helping each and everyone heal to become their highest and greatest version of Self. Through her transformational intuitive energy work and multidimensional perspective Dr. Bernadette facilitates a deeper connection, wisdom, understanding, and healing of the animal-human connection for both animals and humans.

Dr. Bernadette’s gift to work with both animals and humans allows her to help humans connect with their highest version of Self by transforming old emotional patterns, beliefs, thoughts and energies that are ready to heal and integrate, and which are often reflected within the animal-human connection. Dr. Bernadette also facilitates this deep level of healing and transformation for those who do not have animals.

Dr. Bernadette blends her knowledge, intuitive insights and multidimensional healing to create a very personalized approach to her work with each animal and human. Dr. Bernadette is able to know/feel/see/hear/experience the energies behind the present issue that are being reflected and expressed between animals and their owners. She gets to the core of the issue, transforming it for both animals and humans, and creating lasting change. Dr. Bernadette’s multidimensional work facilitates reconnection to Self and ones animal by creating a life of empowerment, connectedness and a deeper relationship with all of life. Her work is truly life changing!