Emotions are an amazing gift!  Yes, a gift.

They are not bad, wrong, up, down or whatever title may have been given to them.  Emotions create and give you the power to experience and express.  Emotions are simply energy in motion, e-motion.  This emotional energy can be reflected in many different ways.

The Universe is constantly speaking to you by sending messages, often times through the mirrors and reflections experienced in your outer environment.  Your inner world is reflected via the outer world.  Often times past trauma, beliefs, limitations, judgments or things in the subconscious can affect your expression and experience.  Emotions are just energy in motion: e-motion.  This energy in motion, emotion, is a guidepost for where there may be a stuck energy, past trauma, belief, limitation, judgment or something in the subconscious that is not balanced and in alignment with divine truth.

Welcome to Empowered Awakening™

Everything is speaking to you, helping you to awaken and evolve to become the best version of yourSelf.  Emotions, energy, people, situations, patterns, places all create powerful places of healing and transformation when you learn how to tune-in, listen, reclaim and direct your own energy, your very own life force.  This is what I call Empowered Awakening™.

Empowered Awakening™ is you rediscovering your authentic relationship with yourSelf, remembering how the Universe/Consciousness/Source/The Divine are supporting you and awakening you to your own inner energy, power and choice.  This creates opportunities for you to make new empowered choices.  I call this Choice Point™.   Creating a Choice Point™ is a way to:

  • Empower yourself
  • Access more of your divine energy
  • Start learning to become your own Inner Master

A Choice Point™ creates awareness around what no longer serves you while learning to transform your old patterns into an empowered new energy, way of being and expression.

Emotions are your guidepost to your energetic environment.  This gives you access to more and more of your own divine energy, allowing you to become your own Inner Master, accessing deeper aspects of yourself as you surrender into your own divine connection, mastery and energy.  You are your own Master.  Welcome to Empowered Awakening™!  Embrace your inner heart, awaken our inner power and walk in empowered light.  This is who you are.  Welcome home beloved one!

Empowered Awakening™ is for EVERYONE – with or without animals.  You don’t have to have an animal to work with Dr. Bernadette.  You found this page for a reason.  Welcome to the Soul Tribe!

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