Human soul intuitive, Dr. Bernadette reads at a soul level to facilitate the deepest levels of transformation and empowerment.  Some of her many intuitive gifts are to know/feel/see/hear/experience the energies behind the present issue(s) and emotions while getting to the core and transforming it.  Her direct line of soul communication allows her to facilitate for the highest and greatest good of each person she works with which creates lasting change and empowerment.

By working on the soul level, Dr. Bernadette is able to help each person transform old or present patterns, emotions, beliefs, thoughts and energies that no longer serve or work for them.  This allows each and everyone to move into a place of authentic expression, peace, love, joy and happiness; all filled with ease and grace.

Dr. Bernadette’s work is truly life changing. She works with people and animals all over the world.  Her human soul intuitive work, healing, transformation and empowerment can be facilitated via distance or in person.  Come and experience the re-connection to your highest and greatest version of Self!


Intuitive Session (25 min or 45 min):

During your Intuitive phone session (phone or Skype), Dr. Bernadette will facilitate healing and transformation of the energies brought forth guided by your Soul. Dr. Bernadette is able to get to the heart of the matter while focusing on the energies and emotions behind issues, patterns, concerns and beliefs leaving you feeling and leading a more empowered life!

  • 25-minute session covers 2-3 questions with energy and transformational healing work
  • 45-minute session gives you the space to ask 4-6 questions with energy and transformational healing work

Both lengths of Intuitive phone sessions are facilitated for your highest and greatest good; so come with your questions, what is currently going on in your life or any other concern. These Intuitive Phone Sessions are created to work with humans or humans and their animals! You don’t have to have an animal to work with Dr. Bernadette.

Note: That all calls are not intended or implied for medical diagnosis or advice, prescribing, treatment, cure or prevention of any kind. Dr. Bernadette focuses on the energies and emotions behind issues, patterns and concerns as experienced through her intuitive gifts.

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