Are You Ready to Experience Some Major Blessings and Transformational Energies?

How do you know if the Let’s Bless the Animals & Humans monthly call is for you?

  • Do you want to experience a deeper connection?
  • Interested in experiencing a more authentic relationship and partnership?
  • Curious to understand the messages your animal is mirroring and sharing with you?
  • Do you want to access to deep transformational energy and vibrations to create these shifts and bring them into your life?

If so, this monthly call is for you!  I will be facilitating deep and profound transformational energies for both you and/or your animal(s) to bless you with light, love and transformational energies.  You don’t need an animal to participate on these monthly calls.

Join the Let's Bless the Animals & Humans Live Call

Experience & Receive Healing Energies

Some things you may experience as I facilitate and access deep transformational energies created to support and bless you and/or your animal(s) during the monthly calls are:

  • Releasing blocks and letting go of the stories
  • Realigning chakras/meridians
  • Balancing masculine/feminine energies
  • Moving out of codependence into true divine partnership and authentic relationship
  • Moving from stressed into blessed
  • PLUS so much more!

There are many ways you can participate with the monthly call:

  • You can listen, experience and receive the healing energies (which are awesome!)
  • During the call you can write your personal questions in our private Q&A box
  • There will be an opportunity to ask me a question Live and I will personally work 1-1 with selected callers
  • A replay and download will be instantly available to you to continue access the healing energies and bless you each time you relisten to the call
Lets Bless the Animals & Humans monthly call with Dr. Bernadette Hartman

On the last call an amazing meditation was facilitated with transformational energies and wisdom that supported both humans and animals in releasing guilt, judgment and loss. This allowed an opening to receiving more, create healthy space and deepened ones connection with Self and animals.

Dr. Bernadette HartmanDVM, Intuitive Healer Humans & Animals

Potential Transformational Format and Experiences of the call could include:

  • Divine wisdom teachings
  • Golden nuggets of insights and inspiration
  • Guided meditations and healing journeys
  • Energetic and vibrational downloads and realignments
  • Intuitive guidance given during a call
  • Your very own personal questions answered!

You may even have a chance to work 1-1 with me during the call!  How wonderful is that?

Join the Let's Bless the Animals & Humans Live Call
Energy Blessings with Dr. Bernadette Hartman

Here is What Some of the Soul Tribe Have to Say…

“I wanted you to know how powerful that call was!!  I had tears streaming down my face, first from the guilt and after that was released, then from the amazing feelings of love I was receiving.  I am so very grateful you are doing these calls for us and just so very grateful to have you in my life!!  Love and Light.”  

C. Morningway, Oregon

“Thank you so much for giving me the help to move forward .  It is a wonderful thing to do these calls.  It’s an easy way to connect with the tribe more often and I will surely participate.” 

M. Hoglund, Sweden


Laura, Colorado

“Thank you so much!  I still feel the love from it all .  I will play the replay a few times tomorrow for me and the girls.  I can feel they have a different energy after the call.”

Join the Let's Bless the Animals & Humans Live Call
Blessings for Humans with Dr. Bernadette Hartman

Meet Dr. Bernadette
Your Intuitive Healing Guide

Dr. Bernadette Hartman facilitates healing, transformation and empowerment on a soul level for both humans and animals. Through her work with animals Dr. Bernadette discovered the deep interaction and connection between animals and humans and the reflection animals are sharing with humans. From this knowing and experience, her work shifted from solely working with animals to working directly with humans and humans with animals.

Through her intuitive gifts Dr. Bernadette facilitates deep transformation of old patterns, thoughts, energies and emotions by reading ones subconscious and Soul. She gets to the core of the issue, facilitating deep healing and transformation on all levels of mind, body, spirit, energy and emotions. Dr. Bernadette’s ability to see the reflection and connection life is offering her clients is truly life changing.

Dr. Bernadette works worldwide with humans and humans with animals. You don’t have to have an animal to work with Dr. Bernadette. Her ability to work within many different dimensions, consciousness and the fields of humans and animals along with her fun loving style reconnects each to the love, grace and empowerment that one holds within. Her work is truly life changing!

Note: This call is not intended for medical diagnosis, prescribing or treatment of any kind.  Dr. Bernadette focuses on the energies and emotions behind issues, patterns and concerns.  Please note if working 1-1 with anyone during a call, Dr. Bernadette will address the energies and emotions behind issues, patterns and concerns with you and/or your animal.