Dr. Bernadette is a master at working with both animals and humans and this comes through her speaking.  She easily connects with the hearts of humans and animals.  Audiences love her gentle humor and ability to interact with them through her fun, loving and compassionate speaking style.

Dr. Bernadette is able to take complex concepts and make them very understandable, real and easy to integrate for her audiences while speaking.  Her audiences love this and go away feeling empowered, loved and supported.  She has a gift for following divine flow and guidance during her speaking engagements, allowing the highest level of information and transformational energies to come through for her audiences.  Listening to Dr. Bernadette speak is truly a life changing transformative experience.

Dr. Bernadette is available for speaking and/or teaching at events, venues and programs. She also offers programs of her own.

If you are interested in having Dr. Bernadette speak or teach, contact her at (541) 639-7495.