Participants love Dr. Bernadette’s workshops and teaching events.  She is a natural-born teacher who is able to help others understand what they are experiencing in a safe and loving way.  She sheds light on concerns, issues, old emotions, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and old patterns that no longer serve and facilitates transformation for her participants highest and greatest good. Dr. Bernadette is highly sought after for her gift of working with both animals and humans while helping them grow and understand more about themselves and/or their animals.  Dr. Bernadette’s workshops are packed with nuggets of wisdom and are truly experiences beyond words.  Workshop participants feel uplifted, more empowered, and more connected to their true Self.  They leave with a deeper understanding of the role their animal plays in their life.

Dr. Bernadette offers workshops covering numerous topics and content filled with her transformational wisdom and energy work.

If you are interested in having Dr. Bernadette host a workshop, contact her at (541) 639-7495.