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September 2017

Fall Soul Activation

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Hello Soul Tribe! Are you ready for some Fall soul activation?

Here are the amazing announcements for October 2017! Don’t miss the 4 BIG things happening this month.

Explore October’s Fall Soul Activation Opportunities:

  • Essential Oils, Energy and Emotions October call is now on-demand for instant download.  We are moving up through the scale of consciousness, working with releasing fear and pride.  The on-demand MP3 includes a wonderful meditation to support releasing energies around fear and pride while bringing in 5 essential oils to support your transformation.
Click here to purchase the Instant downloadClick here to purchase Young Living Essential Oils
  • Join me for Straight Talk for the Soul with Cari Murphy on October 11th (replay will be available to those who register!). I will be sharing about “Empowered Awakening™ for Humans & Animals – A 3-step Process to Reclaim Your Energy, Life & ReAwaken to Your Own Divine Light.”
Register Here for Straight Talk for the Soul
  • Join me the following week with Soul Talk as Patty Malek interviews me on October 17th. I will be sharing out “Creating a Choice Point™ – Surrendering for Humans & Animals”.
Register Here for Soul Talk with Patty Malek
  • And don’t forget the join us for the “Let’s Bless the Animals & Humans” monthly LIVE call where you will get a chance to work with me 1-1, if selected. These monthly calls are powerful and create amazing opportunities to transform energy and reclaim your power, connection and partnership
Register Here for Let's Bless the Animals & Humans

Remember, you don’t need an animal to work with Dr. Bernadette or participate in any of these monthly offerings.  These opportunities are for those ready to awaken to your own inner divine wisdom, power and truth.

Welcome to the Soul Tribe and see you on the calls!

Much Love,
Dr. Bernadette Hartman

Shift Your Energy

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September is jam packed with opportunities to shift your energy and raise your vibrations.

Watch my short video to discover everything this month has to offer! PLUS you’ll get a sneak preview for next month!!!!

Explore September’s Opportunities:

  • Let’s Bless the Animals & Humans Live Monthly Call on Saturday, September 16th at 9am
    This month is going to be a power packed transformational journey. And as always a few attendees will have a free mini sessions with Dr. Bernadette. Remember, you don’t need an animal to join!
  • Essential Oils, Energy & Emotions Monthly Call is now on-demand.
    This month Dr. Bernadette will help you move up the scale of consciousness by releasing the lower emotions and vibrations and bringing in the higher ones. This call is only available until September 31st!
  • In-Person Clinic: What is Your Body Saying to you?
    Learn about common areas where your body is storing emotional energy. Start understanding the messages your body is sharing with you Learn how to start moving the stuck energy out of your body.
    Dates: Tues., Sept. 5, 12, & 19
    Location: Heart to Heart Connections
    Time:  [6:30] – 8pm
    Transformational Investment:  $75