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May 2020

Podcast episode – “Accessing Intuitive Power from Within”

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In this episode Dean and Bernadette discuss (click here):

  • The idea that everything is energy and the energy around you mirrors the energy inside of you, and how to use that mirroring effect to begin to heal from trauma and learn to love yourself.
  • How the world has been out of balance with the masculine energy of striving and self-sufficiency dominating, and how we have an opportunity with this global pandemic to shift the energy back toward balance by focusing on the feminine energy of love and acceptance.
  • Claiming your intuitive birthright by listening to, understanding, and trusting the messages your body is giving you.
  • The lessons we can learn from our pets, especially when we can see their behaviors through the eyes of curiosity and compassion.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Energy is neither good nor bad, rather it is a reflection of what is going on inside.
  • We are not built to hold trauma and hurt and pain, in order to heal, you have to acknowledge it, honor it, get whatever wisdom you need from it, and let it go.
  • Believing that you were born with intuitive power opens the door for deeper awareness and growth.

Reset your mind for mental resilience

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Last week I shared how to reset your nervous system and this week it’s all about resetting your mind for mental resilience. I share how to shift a negative thought into a positive thought, which activates your nervous system into calmness, realigns your energy and brings love forth.