About Dr. Bernadette


Dr. Bernadette is a gifted Master Soul Intuitive & Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Holistic Veterinarian who works with both humans and animals. Through her professional experiences working with thousands of clients worldwide, as well as her personal experience healing herself, Dr. Bernadette uncovered the deep soul reflection that animals share with humans and how to support each one’s healing and spiritual journey. She has seen over and over agin, how when you heal on an emotional and energetic level your animal heals. Also, when your animal heals on an emotional and energeic level, you heal. Dr. Bernadette has not only seen, but experienced first hand, how healing truly goes both ways for people and their pets.

Dr. Bernadette Hartman Master Energy Healer Humans and Animals

Blending Eastern & Western Modalities

Dr. Bernadette’s unique ability to blend clinical experience numerous certifications and trainings in eastern healing modalities with her intuitive insights of the Soul, offers profound and lasting transformation for her clients. She merges eastern and western modalities for the highest transformation of her clients while tapping into what is needed for the deepest healing within the moment.

The Healing Connection

This all started at a very early age for Dr. Bernadette. She was able to feel, sense and know what was happening on an energetic and emotional level with humans and animals. Through her work with dogs, cats, horses and beef cattle Dr. Bernadette further discovered the healing connection between animal and humans. One of her many gifts is to see and understand the Soul’s hidden messages that are being mirrored through one’s animal and life.

Dr. Bernadette’s brings her intuitive gifts and natural ability to read energy to each of her appointments, facilitating deep Soul healing and integration, while getting to the core of an issue. This allows for a new perspective, understanding and shift in her client’s life.
Dr. Bernadette is highly sought after for her intuitive abilities, life changing insights and ability to work on the soul level with humans and animals worldwide. Her work supports and benefits both humans and animal and you don’t need an animal to work with her.  

Offerings and Public Speaking Engagements

Dr. Bernadette provides services and programs for people or for people and their pets. You do not have to have a pet to schedule or to benefit from a session or programs offered.
Offerings include:

In addition to the offerings shared here, Dr. Bernadette is an experienced public speaker and available to deliver group workshops and talks in person or as a podcast, telesummit, or webinar guest. To discuss engaging Dr. Bernadette for an appearance, click Here.