Hello Beautiful Being of Light!

I am Dr. Bernadette Hartman…

I am so excited to be on this journey with you!

About Dr. Bernadette Hartman

I am a Master Energy Healer & Soul Intuitive, Transformational Activator and Spiritual Teacher for humans and animals.  One of my many gifts is to reveal the hidden truths and messages being reflected in your life and to reconnect you to your I AM Presence, that divine part of you that is already whole, sovereign and complete.  I help you master your own energy, raise your vibration and embody your soul’s wisdom which opens you up to a deeper connection with your Divine Self, intuitive gifts and Abundance Flow.  This ultimately allows you to live a soul-inspired life filled fully balanced in your body and being.  

At a very early age I knew there was more to the seen world.  Growing up I was able to sense, know and understand what was happening energetically and emotionally within other beings without them telling me.  It was challenging to discern the truth of what was really doing on based on my religious upbringing.  This created a lot of fear and led to me shutting down my intuition and gifts at an early age.  But that deep knowing there was more to the world was always there.

Dr. Bernadette Hartman Master Energy Healer Humans and Animals

The Journey to Reconnecting with my Divine Self

Through my own personal experience I started to reconnect with my Divine Self and rediscover my gifts from this place of truth, not fear.  The animals played a big role in my reawakening and teaching me about my energy, emotions, feelings, and my heart and that path led me to Veterinary School.  As my journey evolved I started to really understand and see the energies behind things that were happening in my clients lives, with their animals, the connection between them.  This translated into a deep knowing of what those hidden truths and messages held for clients highest level of healing and transformation.

I now work with thousands of clients globally to help them experience their Divine Self.  My unique perspective, ability to language the unknown with love, truth and safety, sense of humor and compassion creates such a gentle yet powerful shift in the energy at the very core of the issue.  This allows for a deep shift in perspective as the energy transforms opening clients to new possibilities of their true potential.  Merging and activating your true potential and possibilities is what living a soul-inspired and aligned life is all about!

I reconnect you with Your I AM Presence, the highest version of you!


One of my many gifts is my ability to see the heart of the matter with whatever issue is presenting in your life whether it is in relationships, health, finances, abundance, intuitive gifts or even with your beloved pets.  My lightning fast ability to get to the core and shift it in a very loving way allows you to really start experiencing and discovering you are truly are, a being of divine love and light.

My work supports and benefits both you and your animals allowing you to awaken, reclaim and fully embody your Divine Self ultimately living a life that is soul-empowered and divinely inspired from your heart.  I provide services and programs for humans or for humans and their animals, you definitely do not have to have a pet to schedule or to benefit from a session with me.

I am so grateful you are here on this journey of personal transformation and reclaiming your power!  I feel very blessed to share my gifts and I look forward to connecting,

From my heart to yours,

Dr. Bernadette

Offerings and Public Speaking Engagements


I provide services and programs for humans or for humans and their animals, you definitely do not have to have a pet to schedule or to benefit from a session with me.

I offer Private and Group Intuitive Healing Sessions , Energy Immersion Series , Essential Oils , and recorded meditations and sessions .

In addition to the offerings shared here, I am an experienced public speaker and available to deliver group workshops and talks in person or as a podcast, telesummit, or webinar guest.  I love to share my gifts and guidance with larger groups, touching more Souls!  To discuss engaging me for an appearance, click Here.