Animal-Human Connection

Watch Mandala’s Kristen White speak with Dr. Bernadette Hartman about your connection with animals.

Animals and humans have walked side-by-side for eons.The animal-human connection one experiences with animals is beyond words and beyond the physical realm. The animal-human connection is part of your relationship with your animal. It is through this animal-human connection that your animal has shown up as a divine messenger, facilitating healing and transformation for both of you. Your animal is always connecting and communicating with you. The relationship, connection and energies reflected and shared between you and your animal are just some of the divine messages being shared with you.

Dr. Bernadette’s gift to work with both animals and humans allows her to help you connect with your highest version of Self by transforming old emotional patterns, beliefs, thoughts and energies that are ready to heal, release and integrate. These patterns and beliefs are often reflected within the animal-human connection. Dr. Bernadette also facilitates this deep level of healing and transformation for those who do not have animals.

All of this results in a deeper connection between you, your animals, relationship to Self, and with life. Every aspect of your life is uplifted in an empowered and beautiful way.

Watch Dr. Bernadette Hartman discuss the partnership between humans and animals on the Central Oregon series myWindow. You’ll learn about the energy work she does with Wendy and her horse Cody.