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Support for Your Inner Journey – Ask for Guidance & Be Open

Here is part III! In this video I share about asking your Divine Team for guidance and being open to receive the guidance. This creates a wonderful pathway between you and your Divine Team, which brings forth your hearts wisdom and greater discernment and understanding. Your Divine Team is supporting you every step of the way. Be curious, ask and be open to receive!

Practice & Choice – The Power of Healing

Here is part V of the video mini-series on trauma. I share about the power of practice and choice to support your highest healing. In the practice and choosing to stay present to the energy and look for the next step you being to flow more and more of your true essence. Your experiences have more flow and freedom to them. I also give you some powerful questions you can use to check in with how you are feeling throughout the day.

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Path to Wholeness

Here is part IV of the trauma video mini-series. In this video I share about the Path to Wholeness and how every step is part of the journey. Each experience in your life is a doorway back to yourSelf, your energy, to mastering your emotions, reclaiming your energy and becoming heaven on earth.

Looking at the “next step” is a key piece which I share about in the video.

Reclaiming trauma fragments in your energy field – video part II

Part II of the trauma video mini-series. In this video I share the importance of reclaiming trauma fragments in your energy field and how to start that process. By reclaiming these fragments you step on the pathway of mastering your energy, thoughts, emotions and feelings. This brings you an incredible sense of freedom, flow, expression and choice. As always this applies to your animals as well!


How trauma creates a feeling of disconnection from your Soul

Welcome to your next video mini-series. This 5 part mini-series is on trauma. In this video (part 1/5) I share how trauma creates a feeling of disconnection from the soul. Trauma can show up in many different ways and be held in our energy fields. The good news is that it can be released, healed and integrated so you feel whole again! This video includes a tip on how to start the process of healing trauma.

Animals as Awakeners to Consciousness – Energy

Here is part 5 of our video mini-series on Animals as Awakeners to Consciousness. In this video I share how your animal is supporting your deeper awakening and awareness of your energy. Your animal is a mirror and reflects the conscious and often unconscious energies you are feeling and/or experiencing. Their reflection is to support deeper balance, harmony, relationship and self-awareness – all from love.

Your animal has a message to share with you, do you know what it is?

Do you know what your animal is teaching you? If you need support figuring out your animals message or what they are teaching you I offer private 1-1 intuitive sessions for both you and your animals.

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