TMP40To some, it is amazing that animals can communicate with us; while to others, it is a completely normal and everyday occurrence.  For my holistic veterinary practice and myself, it is an everyday occurrence and I find it can really help facilitate transformation.  Most animals are very open to communicating, and often times, have some very important messages to pass along to their owners or people around them.  They carry so much wisdom and truth, all brought forth in complete unconditional love.
By honoring an animal’s choice to communicate how they are comfortable, it creates a safe and trusting space for them to transform whatever needs to be in that moment.  I have successfully worked with many owners and their animals to deepen their relationship and bond.  The transformations always happen at the perfect time!  Just the other day I worked with a woman and her dog; both truly amazing beings.  By being able to communicate with her dog, I was able to facilitate a major transformation in her dog’s health, attitude, life and connection with her owner.  It was amazing the immediate change in both her and her owner, and how happy both were.
Anything is possible when the owner and animal are open, willing and ready for transformation.  So if you are wondering what your animal may be thinking, wanting to say, or to transform and deepen your Animal-Human Connection give me a call (816-273-2163).  I look forward to working in partnership with you and your animal to transform and evolve the Animal-Human Connection!!!  Big Heart Hugs, Dr. Bernadette