Hello Soul Tribe!
Welcome to January’s “Monthly Tip”

A Simple Question to Ask Yourself  &  Our 3-week Energy Immersion!

Welcome to this month’s “Monthly Tip” to start your Happy 2018 New Year!  2018 is a Master 11 year. This means it’s all about stepping into Self-Mastery.  The “monthly tip” will support you in accessing more and more of your energy, intuition and mastery by asking a simple question.  In the video I share this simple question as well as a way you can join the Soul Tribe in January, as we kick off the New Year and set the foundation for Self-Mastery, by joining us for a 3-week Energy Immersion!!

  1. January’s 3-week Energy Immersion LIVE with Dr. Bernadette

This 3-week journey is filled with transformational energies, healing, alignments, activations and wisdom teachings.  Each call is Live with Dr. Bernadette where she will also facilitate mini-transformational sessions 1-1 with selected callers.  This is an amazing opportunity to set the foundation for the upcoming 2018 Master 11 energies of the year.  Dr. Bernadette includes both humans and animals in her 3-week Energy Immersions!  All calls will be recorded for instant download.  Come join the Soul Tribe as we step in to transformation and self-mastery! 

  1. “Let’s Bless the Animals & Humans” monthly LIVE call where you will get a chance to work with me 1-1, if selected. These monthly calls are powerful and create amazing opportunities to transform energy and reclaim your power, connection and partnership.

Remember, you don’t need an animal to work with Dr. Bernadette or participate in any of these monthly offerings. These opportunities are for those ready to awaken to your own inner divine wisdom, power and truth.
Happy New Year! Many blessings and so much love,
Dr. Bernadette Hartman