The bond between animals and humans is almost beyond words when you experience it.  This morning I was blessed to be part of the animal-human bond experience.  Not only did I experience the bond but I also observed it happening between an owner, dog trainer, veterinarian and the owners dog.  It was a miracle in motion!  Even before I opened my essential oil kit, I could see and feel the openness and acceptance of the dog for the essential oils.  Not only did she participate in helping me select oils, she accepted them with gratitude and joy.  It was so awesome!  Many times I would burst out in laughter because it was just that amazing!  But do you know what the best part was?!  During the course of her essential oil treatment, her behaviors started to shift to where she would come and greet each one of us, choose to be near us and let each of us pet her multiple times; which before,was almost unheard of.  My heart just swells with the experience.  The gift of the animal-human bond is something that we are blessed with and can experience over and over, in every precious moment with them.  They are truly Masters in disguise!