Hello Soul Tribe!
Welcome to November’s “Monthly Tip”

A 3-step Process using your breath to get you centered for the holiday

Here is November’s “Monthly Tip” – a 3-step Process to support you through the Thanksgiving holiday with ease and grace. It is an easy 3-step Process using the breath. This 3-step Process can be applied to all aspects of life, interactions with people and your animals! It creates a really strong foundation as you navigate the holiday stresses, parties, family events and supports you in accessing higher vibration energies to keep you grounded, present and filled with gratitude.
Also, don’t forget other opportunities to access additional support, high vibrational and transformational energies with our Monthly Calls:

  1.  “Let’s Bless the Animals & Humans” monthly LIVE call where you will get a chance to work with me 1-1, if selected. These monthly calls are powerful and create amazing opportunities to transform energy and reclaim your power, connection and partnership

Remember, you don’t need an animal to work with Dr. Bernadette or participate in any of these monthly offerings. These opportunities are for those ready to awaken to your own inner divine wisdom, power and truth.
2.  Essential Oils, Energy and Emotions November call is now on-demand for instant download. We are moving up through the scale of consciousness, working with courage and neutrality. The on-demand MP3 includes a wonderful meditation to support releasing energies around fear and pride while bringing in 4 essential oils to support your transformation.
Instant download can be purchased here: http://www.bernadettehartman.com/monthly-calls/
Young Living Essential Oils can be purchased here: www.youngliving.com/bhartman111
3.  Saturday Workshop (SAVE the DATE) in Bend, OR – Join me on December 9, 2017 for a LIVE workshop. Our workshop topic is “The Power of Gratitude for the Upcoming Holidays and New Year.” Please RSVP to Dr. Bernadette by calling (541) 639-7495 or emailing.
4.  Animal Wellnes Summit – FREE EVENT:  10 day online event you will have FREE viewing access to watch 4-5 new presentations!  Starting Nov.10th, 2017 at 12:01am EST.  Register here:  www.animalwellnesssummit.com/bhartman
I also wanted to thank each and every one of the Soul Tribe and your beloved animals for sharing this wonderful journey with me! I am so blessed to have you as part of the Soul Tribe and to continue serving.   So much gratitude!! See you on the calls!
So Much Love,
Dr. Bernadette Hartman