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Wow, what a powerful total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017!

For me the rays of energy were very palatable starting an hour before through an hour after the total solar eclipse.  There was a hush to the earth, the animals, the realms.  I could feel the integrations of many layers of energy, awakenings and remembering.  As the moon and sun aligned the stillness deepened along with the merging of light and dark.  There was a curiosity, excitement, awe and wonderment as I watched my front yard and neighborhood darken, quiet into stillness, and breathe with the Universal energies.
It felt like all time stopped.
There was only the Now moment and everything was divinely aligned and in harmony.  My heart open, reclaiming my energy, breathing from my heart space, reciting mantras of empowerment.  I aligned with the new vibrations and energies pouring down to Earth.  The shift within was powerful, amazing and graceful.  As I integrated the energies I felt much more expanded and opened to receive the higher vibrations being shared with all of life.  I  felt so in synch and in harmony with the universal flow.
I am in such gratitude for all the realms, energies, animals and souls that shared this experience of opening into more of our divine essence.  So much love and light!
Let your light shine forth from your heart and awaken to your beauty and divinity, both animals and humans!  You are amazing and I am so blessed for sharing this journey what each and everyone of you!

Big Hugs,
Dr. Bernadette
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