Come join the Soul Tribe for an amazing transformative experience as we journey together on a 3-week Energy Immersion!

Energy Immersion Series are ideal if you are interested in a deeper dive into a specific healing topic.  This is a great opportunity to come together with like-minded souls, our Soul Tribe, in a group amplified energy field to create space for deeper transformation, healing and connection.  Each Immersion Series has a new focus and lasts for three weeks.  Topics will be announced via email and on the Energy Immersion Series page.  Each live call is led by me, personally, and divinely guided.

How to Access

When you are ready to sign up for your Energy Immersion Series, you’ll see the upcoming topics and timing.  If you’re not able to make the timing of the series work for you, you can choose to purchase the Series and receive the recordings for that session to listen to, at your convenience.  Past Energy Immersions are also offered for purchase. (link)

Not sure an Energy Immersion Series is the right fit for you?  I also offer Private or Group Intuitive Healing Sessions.

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Here are some examples of the topics the Immersion Series may cover:

  • Self-love and authentic relationship with Self
  • Boundaries – how to create and maintain healthy strong boundary
  • Highly sensitive people
  • Empaths – how to navigate the energies around you
  • Animal Human Connection – deepening your relationship with your animal
  • Understanding the messages from your animals
  • Connecting to your Spirit Guides and Divine Team
  • Soul Healing and Alignment
  • Success, wealth and abundance
  • Releasing Stress and Chaos
  • Grief and transition
  • Energy Management for Vital Health
Register for the Next 3-Week Energy Immersion

About Your Immersion Series

Each Immersion Series spans three weeks and includes one call per week plus a bonus Q&A call within the three weeks.

Each call in the Energy Immersion Series is live and lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.   Calls are offered via phone or webcast (your computer). You can simply receive the healing energies put forward on the call by listening or you can actively participate in the call.  Whatever speaks to your Soul is the right choice.

During the call, you can submit your personal questions to my private Q&A box.  During each call, I personally work one-on-one with select participants as divinely guided and time allows.  This is a great opportunity to receive a mini-healing session.

Over the course of the calls we will identify and understand the energies behind emotions, behaviors and experiences around the topic we’ve chosen to explore, while facilitating healing and transformation.  By channeling and activating high vibrational healing energies, I help you reconnect with their highest Self by transforming old emotional blocks and patterns, beliefs, limitations, thoughts, and energies.  This allows you to raise your vibration creating a new expression and experience to live an empowered and awakened life!

Each call will be recorded and once complete, available for an instant download.

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3-week Energy Immersion with Dr. Bernadette Hartman

"It fills my heart with so much joy as I watch the healing and transformation occurring on our 3-week Energy Immersions. It is truly amazing to experience the light, love and embodiment that occurs within the Soul Tribe."

Dr. Bernadette HartmanDVM, Master Energy Healer Humans & Animals

Preparing for Your Immersion Series

Before each call take some quiet, focused time to contemplate the energies around our selected topic for this series.  Take note of any insights, inspirations, healings and transformations.  You are more than welcome to share with the group.

After Your Immersion Series

Don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate the time and intention you’ve put to connecting to your highest Self!  Each participant has instant access to a recording of the call, which you can download to replay at your convenience and as it suits your personal transformation.  Often times there may be essential oils (link) recommended during your group session, as divine guidance is given to best support each persons transformation.  As with all healing exercises, you’ll benefit most from continuing the work we’ve started together!

Here is What Some of the Soul Tribe Have to Say…


“I feel so light, I feel so content, and it is all thanks to the 21 day process.  I have to say, I’ve done 21 days with other healers before, and this is by far the gentlest and most potent program.  I do hope you will bring this back as a regular thing 🙂  I’m so happy for your calls too, that’s like a little dose of Bernadette regularly and it will
 help enormously.  <3”  Lots of love.”

M.Hoglund, Sweden

“Hi Dr. B.  I have really enjoyed and valued your classes!  I have really appreciated the safe space you create so people can share and be empowered!  Keep up the passion and uniqueness that you bring to inspire people and their critters to be their most fulfilled and synchronized self!”

Jane of the Huskies, Oregon

“Again, thank you for your wise and compassionate guidance yesterday. I want to let you know that upon awakening this morning I checked in with my body/spirit and the sense of wholeness came back. In fact the word “whole” was what I felt.

Dianne P, Oregon

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3-week Energy Journey with Dr. Bernadette Hartman
Dr. Bernadette Hartman Master Energy Healer Humans and Animals

Meet Dr. Bernadette
Your Master Energy Healer & Transformational Activator

Please Note:  Calls, sessions, or series are not at all intended or implied as medical diagnosis or advice, prescribing, treatment, cure or prevention of any kind.  Dr. Bernadette focuses on the energies and emotions behind issues, patterns and concerns as experienced through her intuitive gifts.