FAQ #1: What is the flow of a session with Dr. Bernadette?
Prior to your session, Dr. Bernadette asks that you create a list of questions and topics you would like to work on for your session. This opens the door to where we start and then are divinely guided to what is brought forth for the highest healing and inner transformation. The conversational flow is fun, easy and relaxed. During your session Dr. Bernadette will be facilitating her transformational energy work.

Dr. Bernadette is very gifted in working with both animals and humans. Please note all of her sessions include working with the you, even the sessions that include your animal and self.

FAQ #2: Does Dr. Bernadette work with animals only? Humans only? Or both animals and humans?

Dr. Bernadette works with both animals and humans. She offers sessions for people or people & pets.  Her sessions focus on transforming deep emotions, beliefs, thoughts and old patterns that no longer serve which can be reflected through many different avenues of life. Dr. Bernadette also works with those who do not have animals.

FAQ #3: What do sessions focus on?

Sessions focus on the questions and concerns you would like to address along with any energies Dr. Bernadette perceives for transformation during the session. Energies typically perceived during a session may include deep subconscious emotions, beliefs, thoughts and old patterns that no longer serve. These sessions are not for medical diagnosis, prescribing, treatment or advice.  Prior to your session, Dr. Bernadette asks that you create a list of questions and topics you would like to work on for your session.

FAQ #4: I don’t have an animal do you work with Humans as well?

Yes, absolutely! Dr. Bernadette works with numerous clients who do not have an animal. Having an animal is not a requirement to work with her. Working with humans is a big part of her work.

FAQ #5: Will you medically diagnose my pet?

No, these sessions are not for medical diagnosis, prescribing, treatment or advice. Dr. Bernadette’s transformational sessions focus on transforming the energies behind an issue or concern that contribute to emotions, behaviors, beliefs, thoughts and old patterns that no longer serve the human and/or animal. Her medical consultations fall under a different type of offerings.

FAQ #6: Are sessions interactive? Can I ask questions? Or do you just talk to me?

Yes, sessions are interactive. When you bring your list of questions and concerns to address during the session it allows the door of transformation to open. This creates a conversational flow between you and Dr. Bernadette. Occasionally information may be channeled, however session flow is normally a divinely guided conversation between you and Dr. Bernadette while energies are being cleared, released and transformed. You are encouraged to participate and ask questions during their session.

FAQ #7: Does Dr. Bernadette talk to the animals and can she relay information from your pets?

Yes, Dr. Bernadette talks and communicates with your animals and relays information she recieves during your session. She conveys guided messages, concepts and energies to your animals in the session as well. Bring your questions of what you’d like to know!

FAQ #8: Does Dr. Bernadette do energy work during my session?

Yes! During each session Dr. Bernadette is facilitating transformational energy work for the highest and greatest good for you and your pets. She often walks you through what she experiencing to help you better understand and connect with the transformational energies, as well as experience a shift. Dr. Bernadette’s transformational energies by pass the human mind, accessing the core of the issue to create lasting change.  

FAQ #9: Does my animal have to be with me during the session?

No, he or she does not need to be with you during your session. The energy is the same for Dr. Bernadette whether an animal is present or not and she can still easily connect with the animal. If you feel that you may be distracted with your animal present, it is best to find a quiet place for the session by yourself. This allows you to focus on the questions, concerns and energies moving during the session.

FAQ #10: Are sessions recorded?

No, sessions are not recorded. You are encouraged to take notes or use a recording device of your own. Clients may feel like they don’t remember parts of the session as

FAQ #11: How long do the session’s transformations last?

Everything is energy and energy is fluid. The transformational energies are lasting as it creates a new vibrational set point for your entire system. Sometimes certain issues are like peeling and onion and other times you’ll notice an instant shift. Each new vibrational set point allows you to access more of your True Self, creating lasting transformations and change.

FAQ # 12: Does Dr. Bernadette offer sessions Worldwide?

Yes!  Dr. Bernadette works with clients worldwide, human and animal. She offers sessions for US clients via phone and International clients via Zoom.

FAQ #13: Is a follow-up session recommended?

When Dr. Bernadette works with you her intention is for her your highest and greatest transformation for the session. This means whatever issues or concerns are up for transformation, Dr. Bernadette facilitates those energies during the session.

You may experience instant transformation or experience the energies transforming like peeling an onion, layer by deeper layer. If you feel like you have hit a deeper layer to work through, then yes Dr. Bernadette recommends a follow-up session. She also does sessions for new or additional issues or concerns that arise. Dr. Bernadette loves working with her clients and is happy to facilitate on their journey of transformation and empowerment.

FAQ #14: What can I expect after session?”

Each session is very individual to you and your animal. The transformational energies integrate as long you need.

After a session you may experience a deeper connection to your True Self, a deeper connection with your animal, a deeper understanding and peace of the issues or concerns you brought forth in the session, clarity, a new sense of Self, and feeling more empowered, integrated and connected.