The Masterson Method®

The Masterson Method® is an interactive and integrative method of bodywork that finds, releases and relieves built-up tension in muscles and key areas of your animal’s body.

The three areas where this built-up tension can be found in an animal’s body is the:
• Poll/Atlas junction
• Neck/Shoulder/Withers junction
• Hind-end junction

Over time, if not treated, compensatory tension patterns can develop in these body areas – changing gait, movement, behavior and creating an overall discomfort.


This method of bodywork goes beyond massage. By working with the nervous system in combination with your animal’s active participation, the joints are taken through a range of motion, all in a relaxed state. As tension is released in the muscles and connective tissue of a surrounding area, it also releases in other areas throughout your animal’s body. It’s a whole-body approach.

This allows for and improves:
• Overall function
• Range of motion
• Suppleness
• Mobility
• Restores mind-body balance
• Greater overall comfort

It is transformational for your animal and allows for a deeper relationship to develop between you two!

3-week Energy Immersion with Dr. Bernadette Hartman