Join the Monthly Call

Come join the Monthly Call

Each month Dr. Bernadette offers a live call where she shares:

  • What the current energetic and healing theme for the month is
  • Guides you through a meditation that includes you and your animals
  • Offers the opportunity to connect with her for a mini-healing session or to answers questions

Every month offers a new topic, new meditation and healing wisdom. This supports you and your animals in shifting through blocks, challenges while benefiting from the wisdom, energy and healing brought forth for the month.
Participants from all over the world come together in this monthly amazing space of amplified healing, love and compassion to:

  • Feel deeply supported
  • Connect with like-hearted and minded individuals
  • Receive healing work for you and your animals

These monthly group calls can transform your life and connection with your animal!

Lets Bless the Animals & Humans monthly call with Dr. Bernadette Hartman

These monthly calls will transform your life and relationship with your animal! Come join as we gather together in a group amplified space of healing, love and compassion.

Dr. Bernadette Hartman, DVM
Master Energy Healer Humans & Animals

Continued Healing

Each call is recorded (MP3), which you can download for continued listening and going deeper throughout the month. If you cannot attend the live call – you can still purchase the call to receive the downloadable MP3 recording.

Special note on the recordings: Many continue to re-listen to the monthly calls since they hold all the energy work, alignments and activations as if you were live with me. Each time you re-listen, you are doing deeper and receiving more of the healing energies and deeper layers of wisdom held within.


General Flow of the Monthly Call

Each monthly call usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Dr. Bernadette starts out by sharing the months current energetic and healing theme, guides you through a meditation that includes you and your animals and wraps up the call with live 1-1 personal healing work or answering questions of select callers.

You can just listen, receive and enjoy, or for those of you who would like the opportunity for a mini-healing session or to ask a question, Dr. Bernadette allows time at the end of each call to work live with select callers.


Global Platform for Connecting

The call uses a call-in platform (free to you all over the globe) where you can call in via your phone or computer (webcast). Once you register for the call you will receive a PDF will call-in details, which includes links, numbers and how to connect. The details and link will also be listed on your purchase receipt.

Here is What Some of the Soul Family Have to Say…

“I wanted you to know how powerful that call was!!  I had tears streaming down my face, first from the guilt and after that was released, then from the amazing feelings of love I was receiving.  I am so very grateful you are doing these calls for us and just so very grateful to have you in my life!!  Love and Light.”    C. Morningway, Oregon

“Thank you so much for giving me the help to move forward .  It is a wonderful thing to do these calls.  It’s an easy way to connect with the tribe more often and I will surely participate.” 

 M. Hoglund, Sweden


 Laura, Colorado

“Thank you so much!  I still feel the love from it all .  I will play the replay a few times tomorrow for me and the girls.  I can feel they have a different energy after the call.”