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“Creating a greater understanding of the connection you share with your pet”

for Humans & Animals

What is Energy?

Everything around you and within you is comprised of energy.  This includes your thoughts, energy, emotions, feelings, beliefs and limitations which all hold a vibrational frequency.  These frequencies make up the vibrational pattern and expression of your world that are reflected back to you, known or unknown.  You are energy, a vibrational Being of Light and Love.  So what does this mean?  Because everything is energy, including you, the Universe is here supporting your highest transformation back to Love.  This means any vibrational patterns can be transmuted and transformed into higher vibrations!  When you transform an old belief, pattern or limitation you start living a “Soul-Inspired and Embodied Life.”  Every time you make a new choice and embrace a higher vibrational resonance you create a deeper connection with your Divine Self and open your channels to your Abundance Flow!  You become Divine Love in action!  Welcome home as you being to “meet” your true Divine Self, the part of you that is already whole, sovereign and complete!

The Power of Energy, Emotions and Feelings

The Universe is always working in your favor and supporting you with opportunities to let old stories, beliefs, patterns go and create new choices and new awarenesses.  Sometimes though life can seem overwhelming, frustrating, chaotic, out of balance.  This is a gift from the Universe loving giving you the opportunity to start learning to become the master of your being and energy by learning how energy is flowing or possibly not flowing through you.  Emotions and feelings are the golden key to unlock your potential and possibility!  As you embrace this you start to take full responsibility for your life, decisions, choices and step into an empowered place of being and embodiment.  Your emotions, feeling and energy help you discover who you truly are and to reconnect you back to your Divine Self!  This aligns you with your soul-inspired life.

3-week Energy Immersion with Dr. Bernadette Hartman

To live as a fully embodied awakened soul is the biggest gift you can give yourself.

Dr. Bernadette HartmanDVM, Master Energy Healer Humans & Animals

How it works

As a Master Energy Healer & Soul Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher and Holistic Veterinarian I am able to support you in your highest level of transformation at a soul level.  I was gifted this ability not only for humans, but also for our animals.  My work supports you (humans) and animals awakening spiritually into your own divine essence, embodiment and empowerment.  You don’t need an animal to work with me.

I offer both private and group intuitive healing sessions for souls all over the globe.  All my private sessions are held via phone or Skype and my group sessions are held via phone or webcast.  I provide healing sessions for humans or for humans and their animals, but you definitely do not have to have a pet to schedule or to benefit from a session with me.

During our intuitive phone sessions or group healing sessions, I immediately identify and understand the energies behind an emotion, behavior or experience while facilitating healing and transformation that gets to the heart of the matter.  By channeling and activating high vibrational healing energies, I help you reconnect with your I AM Presence, that highest version of you that is already whole, sovereign and complete.  As I work with you, we are transmuting and transforming energy into higher vibrations and activating your highest potential within you.  This allows you to raise your vibration, creating a new expression and experience to live an empowered and awakened life!

Essential Oils, Energy & Emotions Monthly Call with Dr. Bernadette Hartman

Animals Healing Contribution – Why Human AND Animal Healing?

Connection is an integral part of our being.  Animals are wired to sense, feel and read the energies around them.  When you share your environment with an animal both of you are sharing in the exchange of energetic information.  This could include feelings, emotions, vibrations, frequencies, and subconscious thoughts.  Animals can help facilitate and hold a deep space of healing and transformation because they are closely connected to and able to reflect the energies of their human guardian, you.  This is a huge gift!

Just like you, your animal also has their soul journey.  I have facilitated significant emotional and behavioral transformations for dogs, cats, and horses whose human guardians have concerns about their aggression, fear, anxiety or other behavior “problems.”  I am able to sense and know your animal’s energetic and emotional blocks and the connection or message they are conveying to you to support your healing journey.  When I work with you and your animal both of you benefit from the healing and transformational energies being channeled and activated.  This supports the highest level of healing for both of your souls. It is truly magical to experience!

I have seen deep continued transformations occur with the added support of essential oils.  Everything is energy and each essential oil holds its own vibrational healing essence.  Every time you use an essential oil you are blessing you and your animal.

Offerings to Support Your Transformational Journey and Simple Ways to Connect with Me

If you are just getting started a private session or live group healing activation call are two great places to start.

Dr Bernadette Hartman 1Private Intuitive Healing Session:  You can book your private session easily with my online scheduler, giving you all my open and available times.  If for some reason you cannot find a time that works, please contact me (link) to see if they’re other possible options.


Dr Bernadette Harman 2Live Intuitive Group Healing Activations:  I also offer monthly group intuitive healing sessions; you can read more about here (link). These sessions include an energy guided meditation and activation.  You will also receive a recording to continue accessing the healing energies.


Dr Bernadette Hartman 3For a deeper dive, I offer Energy Immersions:  Another group offering is our transformational and empowering Energy Immersion Series; you can read more about here (link to energy immersion series page).  Each amazing 3-week series has a focus topic (announced via email and immersion page), which allows you to journey deeper into the transformational healing energies. If you’re ready for your transformation you can reserve your spot here.


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