Private Intuitive Healing Sessions

Private Intuitive Healing Sessions are ideal if you are interested in spending this entire focused time addressing your personal concerns and questions.  I provide healing sessions for you or for you and your animals, but you definitely do not have to have a pet to schedule or to benefit from a session with me.  In private sessions I work with:

  • You
  • You and your beloved animal
  • You don’t need an animal to work with me

Together as we journey together during your private healing session I immediately identify and understand the energies behind an emotion, behavior or experience while facilitating healing and transformation that gets to the heart of the matter.  By channeling and activating high vibrational healing energies, I help you reconnect with their highest Self by transforming old emotional blocks and patterns, beliefs, limitations, thoughts, and energies. As I work with you, we are transmuting and transforming energy into higher vibrations and activating your highest potential within you.

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If you are also interested in receiving the amplified healing energies available through a Group Intuitive Healing Session, I offer those as well!

I also offer an Energy Immersion Series, which might be the right fit for you.  If you’re ready for your transformation you can reserve your spot here.

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Preparing for Your Private Sessions

Before your private sessions – take some quiet, focused time to contemplate the 2-3 questions (25-minute session) or 4-6 questions (45-minute session) you’d like to explore with me during our time together.  Are you feeling stuck?  Maybe you’re struggling with personal or professional relationships?  Perhaps you’re grappling with specific life choices or events?  Do you have an animal behavior or emotional issue?

After Your Private Sessions

Don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate the time and intention you’ve put to connecting to your highest Self!  Feel into your new vibrational set point brought forth during your healing session and breathe it into your Being.  Often times there may be energy exercises or essential oils (link) recommended during your session as divine guidance is given to best support your transformation. As with all healing exercises, you’ll benefit most from continuing the work we’ve started together!

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Please Note:  Calls, sessions, or series are not at all intended or implied as medical diagnosis or advice, prescribing, treatment, cure or prevention of any kind.  Dr. Bernadette focuses on the energies and emotions behind issues, patterns and concerns as experienced through her intuitive gifts.