Private Intuitive Healing Sessions

Private Intuitive Healing Sessions are ideal if you are interested in spending this entire focused time addressing your personal concerns and questions.  In private sessions I work with:

  • You
  • You and your beloved animal
  • I work with You and/or those of you with pets (you don’t have to have an animal to work with me) looking at the deeper energies and messages your Soul is showing you in your life for your greatest healing and transformation.

Together as we journey together during your private healing session I immediately identify and understand the energies behind an emotion, behavior or experience, whether it is with you or you and your animal.  Your Soul is always speaking to you through life and your experiences.  Often times it can be challenging to discern what your Soul may be telling your or what is coming forth to be healed into greater balance and wholeness if there are patterns, beliefs and behaviors in the way.  Great news is that I can help you discover the energies behind the patterns as well as clear and transform them bringing forth deep healing wisdom, energy and realignment with your Soul Self also know as your I AM presence.  You have all the answers within and sessions help transform that which is blocking your divine light and wholeness.

I offer private 1-1 personal healing and transformations sessions or a package of healing sessions to go deep on your transformational journey.

Private Sessions offered:

  • Intuitive Session 25-minute (for You or you & your animal; 1-2 questions/concerns)
  • Intuitive Session 45-minute (for You or you & your animal; deeper dive)
  • Transformational Package: 6 Intuitive sessions (take your healing to the next level)
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Which Intuitive Session is Best for You?

How do you know which session to book: a 25-minute or a 45-minute Intuitive session? (for You OR You & your animal)

  • 25-minute sessions:
    • Focus on 1-2 current issues or questions
    • These sessions are best for an immediate or current issue that is showing up in your life
    • Looking for a quick tune-up with the energies and a way to stay connected and supported
  • 45-minute sessions:
    • Are a deeper dive to not only answer your questions but to also see where the initial issues/concerns go into other areas of your life or how they may be showing up in other beliefs and patterns
    • Best for longer standing patterns and issues showing up in your life
    • Allow you to integrate and transform multiple areas in your life and energy field creating a deeper sense of wholeness

BOTH 25-minute and 45-minute Sessions include and are for:

  • They can be for You oryou & your animal
  • You bring your questions and we go where your Soul leads us for your highest transformation in a loving & safe space
  • Get to the core issue behind the pattern or issues showing up in your life
  • Clear old beliefs, limitation, patterns and energies blocking you
  • Interpret your Soul’s messages and inner wisdom while realigning you back to your Soul Self
  • Energy work at the Soul level for lasting change and transformation
  • Soul Integration™ and alignment with your Soul Self (as well as for your animal if session is for both you & your animal)
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These private sessions are amazing and create the foundation for lasting change, transformation by raising your vibration and realigning you to your Souls true energy.  This allows your energy to flow with greater ease, grace and balance so the miraculous can shine throughout all areas of your life.

 Here is what some of the Soul Family has to say…

“Bernadette is the real deal!  She is truly spot on.  She tells you tons of things in a session and they are always right on the issue.  She is also a master of finding how my issues are connected with my dogs and how to heal that.  This is true healing on a very high level!”  ~MH, Sweden

P.S.  “She is the most loving, warm, effective, fun healer I’ve worked with and she truly delivers on her promise.”

“Transformational!  Much shifting of energy occurs.  I am amazed each and every visit at how accurate Dr. Bernadette’s information is. I’ve met no one else that works like this…she often tells me things about myself that I have shared with no one. Blown away?  Absolutely!  Anything can be discussed, no limits, no judgments!”  ~LG, Oregon

“Absolutely Awesome!  I love Dr. Bernadette’s style – she tells you what is going on, what the animal needs and how your perception may be clouding the relationship and resolution of an issue.  She can help release blocks or fears with grace and ease.  Dr. Bernadette was totally on target in the many sessions I’ve had with her.”  ~SM, Wisconsin

I look forward to connecting with you soul-to-soul for your deepest transformation, whether it is for you or you & your animal!

Please Note:  Calls, sessions, or series are not at all intended or implied as medical diagnosis or advice, prescribing, treatment, cure or prevention of any kind.  Bernadette focuses on the energies and emotions behind issues, patterns and concerns as experienced through her intuitive gifts.