NEW 3-Week Masterclass


Once purchased you will receive a PDF with all the call dates and links (dates below).  Enjoy the Heart Masterclass 3-week Energy Immersion series!!  


Your heart is the keeper of your deep and amazing wisdom.  Right now it is so important to stay centered and connected with your heart. I invite you on an amazing 3-week journey to learning more about your:

  • Heart’s magnificent energy field
  • Connect deeper with your heart’s energy
  • Bring your hear into greater coherence
  • And Support your mind, body and spirit from your heart

Each week we will journey together as a sacred group learning, expanding, healing, growing and evolving as you access more and more of your heart’s energy and wisdom.

Class 1 will look at the heart’s energy, coherence and heart-mind connection.  Live Q&A will be included

Class 2 will look at creating greater heart-mind balance, connect with your hearts energy for healing and begin to access your high heart (I AM).  Live Q&A will be included

Class 3 will look at centering in your heart, discuss the power of feelings and emotions and start to use your heart’s energy for healing and transformation.  Live Q&A will be included.

Each class will be recorded for your immediate download (in case you have to miss a class you will have recording).  Calls will be held via an online conference call platform where you can call in via phone or web call.

Class Dates:

  • Class 1 – Tuesday, October 20 @ 5pm PDT
  • Class 2 – Tuesday, October 27 @ 5pm PDT
  • Class 3 – Wednesday, November 4 @ 5pm PST

Once you register you will receive a downloadable PDF with the call-in instructions and links for each class.

You don’t need an animal to participate.  Those with animals, your animals will also be included in the 3-week Energy Immersion and remote group work!  They receive the healing, transformation and mastery energies as well.

Once purchased, this product is not eligible for a refund or exchange.