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Accessing the Power of Celebration Meditation Package



Raise Your Vibration as You Access the High Vibrational Energies of Celebration!
Celebration is such an amazing and powerful energy.  It is key to creating an access point for deeper transformation, integration and embodiment of your heart energy.
As you journey through the MP3 series you will be supported in connecting you deeper into your heart, filling your field with celebration, opening into deeper self-awareness and mastery while receiving and opening the gifts of each moment.  Each MP3 track is a meditative journey that includes energy activations, teachings and alignments for both you and your animals (you don’t need an animal to receive these transformational energies and alignments).
This package includes six separate MP3 files totaling approximately 80 minutes of content.  My Activations™ are tools that can be listened to over and over again. Each time you listen you open to the deeper levels of teaching, wisdom and energy transformations held within each MP3 recording.
Package contains 6 MP3 downloads:
AM Opening Your Daily Gifts Activations™ (10.58min)
Jump-start your day setting the intention to see every moment as a gift.  As you journey to your Sacred Temple the energies of Divine Wisdom, Understanding and Discernment are brought in to support you throughout your day.  Access the gift every moment holds.
PM Daily Celebration & Integration Activations™ (13.40min)
Gather all the gifts form the day, moments, places and spaces to integrate the energies and blessings offered.  Celebrate all the day has given you as you transform your gifts into pure light and integrates the energies into your whole being.
Celebration & Gratitude – Mind-Heart Connection Activations™ (17.50min)
Reconnect the Divine Masculine and Feminine into balance as you join the Mind-Heart Connection with the act of appreciation, gratitude and flow.  Integrate and prime new neurological pathways of the brain to new ideas, creativity, flow and expression.
 Everyday is Your Birthday – Embodiment & Feeling Activations™ (10.47min)
Embody the feeling of celebration as you bring the energies of celebration into your body raising your vibration.  Become your own master you are hold the vibration aligned with your heart, embody and express that vibration.
Receiving the Gift of YOU – Choosing in the Moment Activations™ (13.05min)
Access your diamond light and crystalline energy as you integrate the lessons and energies that are hiding your divine light. Experience the energies of celebrating every experience, circumstance, and moment on your journey to becoming your own Master.
Process for Opening Your Gift when Triggered Activations™ (13.18min)
Support for when you get triggered or stuck in an emotion by bringing in deeper Wisdom, Understanding and Discernment of the moment or issue that created or contributed to the trigger.  Journey to your Sacred Temple accessing and activating the Trinity Flame in your heart for continued support in each and every moment.
Once purchased, this product is not eligible for a refund or exchange.