Activate Your Sacred Feminine: Virtual 5-week Masterclass


Creating a solid foundation that comes from within as you access your true Soul Self

Ignite Deeper Balance, Worthiness and Divine Vulnerability from Within



Welcome to this amazing 5-week journey as you create and activate your sacred feminine foundation!  This 5-week pre-recorded live virtual Masterclass supports you with clearing, rebalancing and receiving transformational energies that activate your sacred feminine rising in wholeness, balance, worthiness and standing in your Divine Light and Power.  As you reconnect with your Soul Self, and your sacred feminine rises from within, you start to experience greater ease, grace, flow and the miraculous becomes a part of your everyday life and experience.  You hold all the answers within and this masterclass ignites that potential!  I invite you to start your amazing, powerful yet gentle and loving 5-week journey to reconnect, activate and create the foundation of YOU from within!

On your 5-week Virtual Masterclass MP3 journey you will experience:

  • Clearing away old energies, beliefs and paradigms standing in the way of igniting your Divine Feminine
  • Releasing the struggles and pain while transforming the energies with love found within
  • Reactivating your Divine Blueprint allowing you to hold higher vibrations and upgrade your energies back to your true Self
  • Reconnecting to your Soul Self and shining your light from within
  • Guided meditations, energy activations and realignments to reconnect you to your true Self, your Soul Self
  • Receiving all the energy work, integrations, activations and alignments just as if you were live with me
  • Amplified healing and transformation as you are held in the Soul Family group energy
  • Blessing all that you are and opening to deeper flow, connection and miracles so you feel loved and supported
  • Accessing deeper wisdom teachings of the sacred feminine knowledge found within – each MP3 holds layers of wisdom that unfold and deepen each time you listen
  • Creating a strong foundation as you start to stand in your true divine light
  • “Power Mantras” given for each masterclass to support your deeper activation of the wisdom, teachings and reconnection from within
  • Each week you will receive an email with your Masterclass MP3

You are creating a solid foundation that builds upon each other and supports the integrations, activations and transformational energy work as you progress through the 5-weeks:

  • Masterclass 1:  Recalibrating to the True Meaning of the Sacred Feminine Rising
  • Masterclass 2:  Feeling Worthy – Activating Worthiness from Within
  • Masterclass 3:  Balancing into True Partnership with Your Masculine & Feminine
  • Masterclass 4:  Standing in Divine Vulnerability – Shining Your Soul’s Energy
  • Masterclass 5:  Flow & Action – Activating Your Higher Heart & Mind
  • Masterclass 6: Bonus call – Recap and Full Activation and Integration of Weeks 1-5 plus Q&A

Over 6+ hours of downloaded Sacred Feminine Wisdom, clearings, rebalancing, energy activations and reconnection to your Soul Self!  Each Masterclass holds all the transformational energies and carries layers of Sacred Feminine Wisdom.  Each time you listen to a masterclass you access deeper layers of wisdom that come from within.  This continues to support, amplify and reconnect you to your True Self from within.

With this 5-week Masterclass journey you are creating a solid foundation from within.  This allows you to access your true Soul Self igniting deeper balance, worthiness and divine vulnerability as you activate your Sacred Feminine held within.  You hold all the answers within and now is the time to reconnect with them!

“It was our Q & A session on the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine where you introduced the “river flow” image I loved so much, that was a real Turning Point for me!  I found it so inspiring!  It spoke to me so much that it really changed my way of seeing and navigating my life! It feels so good, just going with the river flow of life and letting it invite you to go wherever it feels right!”  M.R., England now Scotland 🙂

Once purchased, not eligible for refund or exchange