FEBRUARY Live Monthly Group Meditation & Energy Activation Call


Date: Saturday February 8, 2020 at 9am PST
(10am MST/ 11am CST/ 12pm EST)

Topic: “Release blocks to heart healing + love = more connection

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Remember, You don’t need an animal to participate!


Welcome to our LIVE monthly Group Meditation & Energy Activation Call!

This months Live call will focus on:

  • Release the blocks to love and open to receiving energies
  • Letting go of frustrations, resentments and unhealthy projections
  • Bringing in inspiration, clarity, connection
  • Connecting with your hearts inner wisdom and truth
  • Starting to love all that you are
  • Accessing unconditional love as the strongest transformative power of all

Each month we journey together as a Soul Family accessing high vibrational energies for each one’s highest good and highest transformation while raising your personal vibration.  Each monthly call contains divinely guided meditations, energy activations and divine wisdom filled with channeled healing energies to best support you and your beloved animal.   You don’t need an animal to participate on these monthly calls.

General Format of our Group Call:

Each call starts off with wisdom teachings on the monthly topic and energies (listed above) followed by a guided meditation, which brings in energy alignments and activations around the topic.  After the group meditation we moving into live 1-1 mini-sessions on the phone and answering the questions in the private Q&A box.   The meditation, alignments and activations include you and your animals to raise your vibration and align you with your Divine Self.  These calls are truly powerful transformational!

There are many ways you can participate with our monthly call:

  • You can listen, experience and receive the healing energies (which are awesome!)
  • During the call you can write your personal questions in our private Q&A box
  • There will be an opportunity to ask me a question Live and I will personally work 1-1 with selected callers
  • A replay and download will be instantly available to you to continue access the healing energies

Each monthly call will be it’s own beautiful transformational opportunity for your highest and greatest good!

Once purchased, this product is not eligible for a refund or exchange.