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Opening Your Heart to Love Activations™ Meditation Package



Opening Your Heart to Love Activations™ Meditation Package

This package of meditations are divinely guided recordings that include guided meditation combined with multidimensional vibrational healing, energy-coded music, and transformational energy work. Each MP3 track is a meditative journey that includes energy activations, teachings and alignments for both you and your animals (you don’t need an animal to receive these transformational energies and alignments).
This package includes 10 separate MP3 files totaling 54 minutes of content. They were designed and energetically coded to play one following the next, at least through your first listening experience. My Activations™ are tools that can be listened to over and over again. Each time you listen you open to the deeper levels of teaching, wisdom and energy transformations held within each MP3 recording.
Package contains 10 MP3 downloads:
Surrendering Activation™ (5.58 min)
Connect with your pure energy source and the love and light that permeates every aspect of your being. Bring the energies of divine surrender in to support your deepest peace, love, authenticity, and divine love.
Trusting Activation™ (4.52 min)
Welcome energies of balance, love, and light. Breathe into your heart space, connect to your Self and activate the energies of trust and receiving within your being.
Allowing Activation™ (4.51 min)
Bring in the energy of deserving while transmuting any doubts of deserving. Clear old patterns, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. Surround yourself with divine love and light.
Opening Activation™ (6.06 min)
Journey through your chakras, opening to deeper knowing and the honoring of your pure source energy and an unlimited being and divine creator.
Receiving Masculine Activation™ (5.00 min)
Learn heart breathing while centering into your awareness, inviting pure source energy and the divine masculine into balance. Welcome courage, trust, and understanding.
Receiving Feminine Activation™ (7.56 min)
Continue with heart breathing with deep relaxation, peace, and flow. Invite pure source energy and the divine feminine into balance. Welcome love, kindness, and compassion.
Flow Activation™ (5.54 min)
Learn to let go of control, the need to know, predicting the outcome. Releasing judgments and expectations while connecting with all that you are as pure source energy, love and light.
Gratitude & Joy Activation™ (5.34min)
Center in your heart space, open your heart and fill it with balance, gratitude and joy. Elevates your being by calling in energies of thanksgiving, gratitude and joy.
Harmony Activation™ (5.06 min)
Center, balance and settle into your body. Connect your breath with your heart, bringing in divine harmony, love and light. Call aspects of your Self back into harmony, divine balance and empowerment.
Self-love Activation™ (5.12 min)
Connect with your Self, with your essence. Bring in a blanket of unconditional love and support to surround you. Transmute what no longer serves you. Fill your being with Self-love.
Once purchased, this product is not eligible for a refund or exchange.