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Opening Your Heart to Love – All Tracks



Opening Your Heart to Love - Music Only
Music bypasses the mind to speak directly to your Soul. This is a collection of music-only MP3 files taken from the Opening Your Heart to Love Activations™ Course. This musical energetic journey takes you into your heart center.
This package includes 10 separate MP3 files totaling 54 minutes of pure music content. They were designed and energetically coded to play one following the next, at least through your first listening experience.
Package contains 10 MP3 downloads:

  • Surrendering (5.58 min)
  • Trusting (4.52 min)
  • Allowing (4.51 min)
  • Opening (6.06 min)
  • Receiving Masculine (5.00 min)
  • Receiving Feminine (7.56 min)
  • Flow (5.54 min)
  • Gratitude & Joy (5.34min)
  • Harmony (5.06 min)
  • Self-love (5.12 min)

Once purchased, this product is not eligible for a refund or exchange.