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Remote Energy Work – Single Session



This is a single remote energy healing session where you pick what you would like the healing energies to focus around. This provides the same healing benefits and energies as Intuitive Phone Sessions, without you having to be physically present. This session can be for you or you & your pet (1 pet).

How it works:

  • Remote sessions are done via distance, without you being physically present, and can be provided anywhere in the world.
  • For this healing session, we don’t speak on the phone or in person.
  • After completion of your purchase, check our inbox for a receipt with instructions on what to email me in preparation for your remote session (if it’s not showing up don’t forget to check spam). You will email me:
    • The name of who the session is for (you or you & your pet)
    • 1 focus area/concern with background and any details that you feel are relevant (the more focused and specific things shared - helps focus the energies on deeper levels)
    • Your intention for the remote session
    • You can send pictures if you like, but it is not necessary
  • Your remote session will usually be completed within 24-48 hours of receiving your email. Please note that remote sessions are completed Monday through Friday, so there may be a chance that if you purchase later in the week and pending when your email is received, your remote work will be done the following Monday.

Your Remote Session:

  • During your remote energy healing session, I connect with and scan the body and energy fields while working on various levels.
  • Your session supports the release and clearing of blocks, beliefs, limitation or places you may feel stuck in relation to your intention and what your Soul is bringing forth.
  • I also support and bring in the transformation and integration of higher vibrational energies guided by your Soul.
  • Please be open to what your Soul may bring forth beyond the initial intention and focus. It can be amazing to see what is deeper beneath the presenting issue or concern, often at a subconscious level.

After your session:
I will email you with a brief description of what came up during your session, what I worked on and any guidance, exercises, mantras or healing support that came through.
I look forward to supporting you and your pets on your healing journey!
Dr. Bernadette

Once purchased, this product is non-refundable.