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Transformation for Two Activations™ Meditation Package



Transformation for Two Activations™ Meditation Package

This meditation package are divinely guided recordings that include guided meditation combined with multidimensional vibrational healing, energy-coded music, and transformational energy work. Each MP3 track is a meditative journey that includes energy activations, teachings and alignments for both you and your animals (you don’t need an animal to receive these transformational energies and alignments).
This package includes six separate MP3 files totaling 55 minutes of content. They were designed and energetically coded to play one following the next, at least through your first listening experience. My Activations™ are tools that can be listened to over and over again. Each time you listen you open to the deeper levels of teaching, wisdom and energy transformations held within each MP3 recording.

Package Contains 6 MP3 downloads:
Transformation for Two Teaching Activation™ (14.51min)
Experience deep layers of wisdom and knowledge while journeying deeper into support, balance and alignment of chakras, meridians, cells and energy bodies.
Opening the Door Teaching Activation™ (7.31 min)
Facilitate deeper understanding of the many ways the being-being connection expresses, reflects and shows up in the relationship between you and the rest of Creation. This activation supports a deeper opening while transmuting and transforming energies that no longer serve your highest and greatest good.
Healing Goes Both Ways Teaching Activation™ (12.23 min)
Activate the ever-flowing conduit of unconditional love that flows between you and the rest of Creation. Activate your heart Chakra and bring balance to the relationships you share with yourself and others, while balancing the masculine/feminine energies that each holds within.
The Divine Connection Teaching Activation™ (8.13 min)
Connect with and support your own divine remembrance and wisdom. Bring yourself back to a state of balance and resonance with your Divinity, which is ever present.
Opening Your Heart to Love Teaching Activation™ (4.51 min)
Open your heart to love through your being-being connections. Creation serves as a doorway through which you can receive deeper love in a safe and trusted space.
Sacred Journey, Sacred Heart Teaching Activation™ (8.51 min)
Align and reconnect yourself in sacred relationships and partnerships. Move out of codependence, into sacred partnership, honoring your journey and reconnecting you with your divine Sacred Heart.

Once purchased, this product is not eligible for a refund or exchange.