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095 Connecting Soul to Soul

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People are struggle to feel connected, heard and seen. When you start to connect soul to soul a deep sense of inner peace and balance moves through you. You feel connecting. You feel heard. You feel seen. In this episode I share about:

  • The power of connecting soul to soul with people and pets
  • How this heals inner child wounds
  • A tip on how to start connecting soul to soul

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Do Animals Talk?

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Frank-4-of-3-240x300I often get asked if animals talk and my answer always is – Yes, they do!  Animals have so much to say and teach us.  They can serve as companions, guardians, teachers and helpers; just to name a few.  They are always communicating with us through behaviors, body language and tone; but even beyond that you can hear them speak.  Animals really do talk.

Sometimes if we can’t hear them, an animal will use behaviors! Body language or tone to get our attention and communicate.  The key to communicating with your animal is having an open heart.  Open your heart and see what you begin to hear, my friend!  It is amazing!